Where to Begin: Bathroom Design and Renovation Costs in Montreal, Canada

bathroom renovation costs in montreal


First Step: Consider Your Budget

Whenever you begin to explore a Montreal bathroom renovation project we are faced with the question of budget and costs. There are many factors that are important to consider when estimating the cost of a bathroom including room size, plumbing locations, material and tile selection, fixtures, adding new elements such as heated floors, and lighting. The project of your dreams could cost almost anything, depending on what you envision, and the choices you make along the way. On average, a bathroom makeover cost in Montreal for a space of 10 x 10 is between $13,000 and $40,000. A good Montreal bathroom contractor in Montreal, like Kasselwood Fabricators, will be able to help you balance the look and style that you want, within the budget that you set based on a bathroom remodel cost breakdown.

Second Step: Making Your Style & Design Choices

A bathroom renovation in Montreal is a project that is full of personal choices that are unique to each client, and their tastes and desires, many of which have a large impact on the cost to redo a bathroom. Some may love the idea of having a whirlpool tub, while others may want only a standing shower. Some may prefer luxury elements such as a bidet, while others may want to keep the space more simple. When determining the materials, the price differences of selecting marble or ceramic tile also make a significant difference. As experienced bathroom contractors in Montreal, Kasselwood Fabricators, our team has a lot of experience when it comes to these choices, and can help you navigate these decisions to keep the project within budget, while ensuring that the final product is beautiful and elegant.

In addition to exploring your bathroom makeover cost in Montreal, it is also important to keep in mind that the size of the room, and the scope of the project are very important. These factors include demolition, design, plumbing, electrical elements, fixtures, tiling, cabinetry, and finally, painting and finishing. Kasselwood Fabricators has completed hundreds of bathroom renovations in Montreal, and we are able to take your Montreal Bathroom renovation project from beginning to end. Our team can manage the bathroom concept design, noting that one of the more expensive decisions you can make when you renovate a bathroom is choosing to move an existing plumbing fixture, such as a toilet or a shower.

Our Experience is our Expertise

We work with the best trades specialists in Montreal and our plumbing and electrical specialists can build you the bathroom of your dreams. We can build something from nothing, update an existing bathroom, or give you a completely changed space that will exceed your expectations. We can guide you through fixture selection, including shower heads, rain showers, baths, and drain options. Lighting in your bathroom is very important, especially if there isn’t a lot of natural light access. We can create ambient spa-like lighting to give the space a relaxing feel, or use pot lights to keep the room bright and functional.

Tile selection and installation gives the space that final elegant element. Functionality should be taken into consideration when making these selections to find the perfect style for the room. You don’t want to choose a tile for the floor that is too slippery when it is wet, nor do you want to select something that is difficult to clean. The team at Kasselwood Fabricators can help guide you when making these choices to find the perfect material match for you. Custom bathroom cabinetry can also be built at our in-house wood shop for the bathroom renovation. We can make the most of the space and design and build storage behind a mirror, as well as a custom beautiful vanity with drawers and shelves for your specific needs.

When selecting a bathroom contractor in Montreal or Laval, it is important to make sure that they are licensed, experienced, and knowledgable. Our team at Kasselwood Fabricators is happy to work with you to design and build you the bathroom of your dreams, within your budget, that exceeds your expectations.

Give us a call for your free estimate, you will not be disappointed.