How to Pick the Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Renovation Project



Bathrooms tend to have very little furniture, making it especially important to consider both aesthetics and functionality when choosing a bathroom vanity. Whether your bathroom vanity is modest or elaborate, it will likely be the centerpiece of the room. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of how to go about choosing the right one. This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of evaluating the criteria for a bathroom sink with vanity that best suits your project.

Follow These 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Consider Who’s Going to be Using the Vanity

It’s important to take into account the people who are using it and the type of things they will be using it for. A vanity within a master bedroom might need two sinks, a large mirror above, and more counter space with storage for cosmetics. A bathroom used by guests or children can incorporate a simple vanity with a single sink, less storage space, and a smaller footprint overall. This consideration will dictate the initial size, function, and cost involved.

Step 2: Determine Where Your Plumbing is Installed

It’s important to consider where your plumbing exits when debating how to pick the right bathroom vanity. Bathroom plumbing may be a limiting factor as far as where installation is possible, mainly due to the large costs involved in extending or displacing water lines. You would begin by understanding where your plumbing is accessible and which types of vanities will work best to accommodate it. If your plumbing is accessed through the floor, for example, it would be straightforward to include a standing vanity but would require additional work to incorporate a wall-mounted unit if desired. You can then narrow down the style of vanity that suits the space based on whether or not you intend to add additional labor for the bathroom renovations contractor. Since the process of altering plumbing is both time-consuming and costly, it’s extremely important to be aware of this pivotal detail before you make any purchases.

Step 3: Measure Your Bathroom Space

This may seem like a no-brainer, however, it would surprise most people to learn how often work is re-done due to incorrect measurements. Measure twice, work once. Measurements do not only include the dimensions of the room but should also take into consideration the potential obstacles such as the door swing and tubs or showers. To avoid crowding the space, it’s important to think about the way the bathroom will be used and ensure that there’s little overlap. Knowing how to pick the right size bathroom vanity can help avoid the frustration of constantly bumping into the corner of your vanity while trying to avoid something else.

Step 4: Decide What Vanity Style You Want

The neat thing about bathroom vanities is that there are countless styles to choose from. Pre-fabricated models found online can offer inspiration for a completely custom vanity you may desire. The styles range from double-sink vanities to floating vanities, which can be a unique vanity with top. Smaller spaces can wisely make use of corner vanities, allowing more freedom throughout the rest of the bathroom’s design. Each style has a unique appearance with additional features that might be of interest.

Step 5: Explore Various Bathroom Vanity Features

The finer details can oftentimes make or break the deal. With a specific sink and faucet in mind, the last aesthetic elements to decide on are the color and finish of your vanity. Be sure to take into account both the tiling and backsplashes that you intend to incorporate throughout the walls or within the shower. The final consideration, which may be the most important functional element of the design, will be storage. Although the amount of storage will be closely linked to the style of the vanity and the dimensions that you have to work with, the distinction between shelving and drawers can make a significant difference.


Taking the time to go through the necessary steps will help ensure that you know how to pick the right bathroom vanity. These steps will ensure that your new vanity becomes a seamless part of your contemporary bathroom design. Remember to pay attention to the people who intend to use the bathroom, their storage needs, and of course the dimensions and plumbing of the space. Kasselwood Fabricators has the experience to help homeowners design and build the right custom bathroom vanity for their space. Be sure to carefully consider all the aforementioned details before deciding on what works best for you.