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Top Kitchen Design Trends To Lookout For in 2024

The kitchen rightly earns the title of the heart of a home because our lives revolve around it. It is a culinary playground where we showcase creativity and nurture connections with loved ones.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling Montreal, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss some of the latest kitchen design trends to give you an idea of what’s trending in the market and the new design trends you can include when remodeling your kitchen.

Over the years, many kitchen design trends have come and gone. What suits your palette best depends on your style and preferences, and at Kasselwood Fabricators, we’re here to transform your vision into reality.

With years of experience in the kitchen renovation business in Montreal, we possess the resources, expertise, and skills needed to upgrade your kitchen into a masterpiece you’ll fall in love with.

At Kasselwood Fabricators, we closely monitor modern kitchen design trends 2024 and provide you with trendsetting kitchen designs to help you make an informed choice. 

We aim to utilize available kitchen space and integrate functionality with aesthetics, ensuring the outcome is pragmatic and jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Mixed Fixtures

Hardware and lighting can change the feel and vibe of the entire kitchen and constitute some of the most essential elements of contemporary kitchen design trends in 2024.

Think beyond the traditional custom of blending decor and get creative by mixing it up. One of the modern kitchen design trends 2024 gaining traction is mixing traditional fixtures with modern cabinetry doors.

This adds a fusion vibe to the kitchen, giving it a warm, vintage outlook with a contemporary twist.

Functional Storage

One of the latest kitchen design trends quickly gaining traction is designing and installing hyper-organized functional storage spaces. Don’t design and create cabinets just for the sake of it; instead, take a strategic approach to developing storage solutions for your kitchen.

The idea is to have a designated place for everything in the kitchen, including spices, installing appliance garages, butler’s pantries, etc.

You can opt for designing and installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets and traditional lower drawer storage to provide more room for art and aesthetically appealing lighting moments.

Such a combination ensures optimal use of available kitchen space and creates an inviting atmosphere with high-performance functionality.

Moody Colors

At Kasselwood Fabricators, one of the new 2024 kitchen design trends we’ve noticed is people looking beyond the traditional all-white kitchens.

While all-white kitchens had their days, homeowners are now going bold with moody colors for their kitchens.

It includes green, midnight blues, and reds, and even experimenting with the colors of the kitchen countertops, such as black, burgundy, and green. 

It is also fun to accessorize the kitchen with fixtures and furniture pieces and use accessories of the same colors.

Ornate Lighting

How can we forget about lighting when talking about contemporary kitchen design trends for 2024?

These days, homeowners don’t mind going bold and experimenting with kitchen lights. People no longer see the kitchen as just another functional space in their home but want it to stand out, and rightly so.

And one way is to use oversized ornate lighting fixtures in the kitchen that make a bold statement. 

Using statement pieces that provide optimal illumination and give the kitchen a modern, contemporary look is a kitchen trend to look out for in 2024.

Beverage Stations

One of Montreal’s newer trends in the kitchen remodeling landscape is having dedicated beverage stations. More and more homeowners are looking to add strategically located beverage stations such as smoothie centers, wine bars, and coffee cabinets to their kitchens.

It is a simple yet functional addition to your kitchen, enhancing your lifestyle while subtly representing your true self. You can even add a mini sink, fridge, and other features to the station.

Consult with our kitchen design experts in Montreal at Kasselwood Fabricators, and we’ll be more than happy to bring your ideas to life.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is a crucial design trend that applies to your entire home and is equally vital for your kitchen. Having night-time, ambient, and decorative lighting layers can make a massive difference to the outlook and vibes your kitchen gives out.

Using something bold over the kitchen island, keeping LED as base lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and some wall sconces collectively create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen.

At Kasselwood Fabricators, we integrate modern technology with people’s lifestyles in everything we do, and lighting is no exception.

We use fixtures equipped with trending features like motion sensing and voice activation, drastically uplifting the overall functionality of the kitchen space.

Minimalistic Kitchen Layout

Stress-free layouts are a big hit among homeowners these days. Who doesn’t want a clutter-free kitchen clear of fuss?

It is possible with a minimalist layout boasting appliances and cabinets with push-to-open technology, tons of pantry space, and appealing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. 

Also, add easy-to-clean quartz kitchen countertops coupled with grout-free floors, and you have a flaunt-worthy kitchen you’ll be proud of.

Having a minimalistic kitchen is a kitchen design trend for 2024 that’s here to stay!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a foodie or not, our lives revolve around the meals we have. And it only makes sense to have a kitchen that speaks to you, aligns with your lifestyle, and looks beautiful at the same time.

Whether you’re going for kitchen remodeling in Montreal or planning a complete overhaul, keeping yourself updated about modern kitchen design trends in 2024 is a good idea. 

It helps you know the available options while giving wings to your ideas and making your vision a reality.

At Kasselwood Fabricators, we know the latest industry trends and can guide you through the kitchen design trends that gel well with your personality, lifestyle, and home décor.

Trust us for your kitchen renovation in Montreal – you’ll be in awe of the results we offer!

For more details or to consult with our in-house kitchen design expert, call us at (514) 685-5550.

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