Your Checklist For A Full Bathroom Remodel in 2021

Your Checklist For A Full Bathroom Remodel In 2021


Bathroom renovations can be long and complex if the process is executed without forethought. By creating a complete bathroom renovation checklist that takes into consideration all of the components involved in a remodel, the process will be much smoother. Being organized before beginning the bath remodel allows homeowners to save money and time, especially since plumbing and tiling can be major components in this type of renovation.

In this article, each step involved in creating a checklist for a full bathroom remodel will be discussed in detail. This information will equip clients with the knowledge to communicate their projects effectively with the highest quality bathroom contractors Montreal has to offer.

What is a Bathroom Renovation Checklist?

A bathroom renovation checklist should be concise and straight-forward so that it will be easy to understand later on. It’s important to define your checklist for a full bathroom remodel by including as much detail as possible. This simple list works wonderfully as a downloadable document that can be easily shared with potential contractors or viewed from your phone when shopping at the hardware store. A checklist for a full bathroom remodel should approximate the materials needed with corresponding cost estimates, but also include some notes to be considered when putting the project together. To help renovators conceptualize a complete checklist, the essential considerations have been listed below.

Checklist For A Full Bathroom Remodel

Intended Function of the New Bathroom

It’s best to begin with the end in mind. Establish who will be using the bathroom so that the décor and amenities can be chosen accordingly. A master bathroom, guest bathroom, and shared children’s bathroom will have different priorities. The central elements to consider here are the type of bath or shower, vanity and sink combos, as well as the amount of storage needed. These details will allow you to visualize the bathroom plumbing and list the bulk of the hardware needed for the bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Design and Style

Several key details along your checklist will depend upon elements of design and style. The most important thing to consider is it’s functionality. Break down a list of all the elements you should incorporate based on who will use the bathroom. Moving forward, there are two easy ways to build an aesthetic contemporary bathroom design: by starting with a main feature (a vanity, tub or shower, for example), then designing the rest of the room around it, or by selecting a preferred color palette and moving forward from there. Make sure to pick the right bathroom vanity for your remodeling project, as this will be the focal point.

The room’s dimensions are going to determine how the project is envisioned. Darker colors might look good in small quantities but could really kill a bigger bathroom. Certain shower styles might not make sense in a smaller room. The cost associated with tiling your bathroom, especially if the style involves tiles on all walls, can change quickly based on the bathroom’s size! When selecting the main features, types of tiling and additional materials, it helps to allow a predetermined budget to linger in your thoughts.


The bathroom renovation cost is a central consideration for the majority of clients. Be sure to list the price of the materials along your checklist, but be cognizant that these prices are subject to fluctuation. It’s also important to account for labor costs if you’re outsourcing the job. Bathroom contractors in Montreal who have experience with this type of renovation can be an extremely helpful resource in providing realistic estimations of reasonable labor rates and expected bathroom renovation timelines.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline

Understanding each step involved in bathroom renovations will help provide an idea for the approximate bathroom renovation timeline. Evaluate each component of the remodel as well as the order in which they must be completed. It’s always best to slightly overestimate. This way, there’s no motivation to rush or poorly finish the job. Bathrooms retain humidity and host considerable plumbing. Emphasizing a narrow timeline can potentially result in more significant costs related to damages and repairs down the line. Be sure to avoid this short-sighted mistake and you will experience long-term satisfaction.

Secure Permits

Your municipality probably requires you to purchase a specific permit based on the extent of your renovations, especially if the project involves alterations to the building’s original plumbing. For your own security, it’s important to secure the required permits before lifting a tool or hiring a contractor (Source: Ville de Montréal).

Hire a Contractor

Although hiring a contractor is an expense, their experience comes with valuable knowledge that can help save countless hours and prevent major mistakes. They are assets for more complicated jobs like plumbing and electrical work, but will also make a huge impact when installing cabinetry and vanities. They know how to remodel a small bathroom just as efficiently as a master bathroom. In all cases, there will be a visible difference in the finishing touches applied by people who do this for a living.


Don’t be intimidated to approach a professional with your bathroom remodeling ideas. Working with an experienced contractor will help you visualize all the steps involved, thoroughly plan the entire process, and create a comprehensive checklist for a full bathroom remodel so that there are no surprises.

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