Your 2022 Kitchen Remodel Checklist by Kasselwood Fabricators


You’ve finally decided to take action. Instead of just redoing kitchen cabinets, you want to dive into a full remodel of your kitchen space. Whether you’re considering major renovations to add resale value to your home or simply redesigning to dramatically change the way the space feels, it’s important to take the time to plan ahead. Structuring the steps involved by creating a kitchen remodel checklist can help make the process more efficient and less hectic for everyone involved.

The Steps Involved in a Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Visualize Your Floor Plan

Homeowners can often feel restricted by what they can achieve with their kitchen’s current floorplan. When this is the case, consider changing the layout to allow for more open space. You can completely change the look and feel of the space by eliminating dividing walls and opting for a kitchen island. It’s important to speak with a kitchen remodeling company to investigate whether they can break down the current floorplan barriers.

When your kitchen is more open and your layout is less restrictive, you have more freedom to decorate and remodel. Although it requires additional labor and potentially more permits, this major detail in your renovation could allow you to materialize the kitchen of your dreams.

Set Your Budget

It’s paramount to decide how much you want to spend before beginning your renovations, as your budget will impact many of the kitchen’s final details. Are you looking for brand new appliances and more square footage, new flooring and repainted walls, new countertops, or perhaps painted cabinetry in Montreal and a new backsplash?

Detailed financial planning will help you make educated decisions throughout your remodel. First, establish a general limit for your kitchen remodel cost that’s within reason. Your contractor will then help assign portions of that budget to various aspects of the project with precision.

Find a Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Investing in an experienced contractor will pay dividends several times over. They will be able to help you make smart decisions that save money throughout the remodel through their expertise and their network of contacts. Most importantly, however, the work will be done properly from the start. This will avoid any major issues down the line. 

The most common way people find trustworthy kitchen remodeling services in Montreal is through word of mouth. It’s always wise to ask for multiple references before committing to a contractor. Speak to friends of yours who have renovated their kitchens in ways you can appreciate. Seeing a contractor’s work in person and speaking to your friends about the ups and downs of working with that individual will help you get a better idea of whether they are the right fit for the project you have in mind. Visit our website to see examples of the work conducted by an experienced kitchen contractor.

Select Your Construction Materials

Your contractor will have the expertise to guide you through the process of choosing materials that align with your kitchen remodel’s design and style while staying within the established budget. Among several materials that might be replaced, the selection process should address the following focal points of the remodel:

  • Cabinets – Are you looking for a natural wood finishing, lacquer, or laminate once you renovate the kitchen cabinets?
  • Countertops – There are several types of kitchen countertops available in Montreal; granite, quartz, laminate, or another countertop material?
  • Hardware – Do you want the hardware finish and style to coordinate with your appliances and your sink?
  • Flooring – Would you prefer tile, hardwood, vinyl, or something different like bamboo?

Plan for Potential Obstacles

Before beginning the remodel, it’s important to revise your initial budget and set aside an additional 10-20% to deal with unforeseen issues. Renovating an old house might come with some complications once the walls are opened up and electrical or plumbing work begins (many people like to replace their sink, appliances, and lighting fixtures during a remodel). Be sure to consider those unforeseen obstacles so that you’re prepared to deal with those extra steps if necessary.

Finalize Your Kitchen Design

The first thing you’re likely to receive from any interior designer or kitchen renovation company in Montreal is a concept layout plan. Some of the best kitchen layouts include the galley-style kitchen and L or U shape kitchens. Each design best suits a particular space, but it will also depend on your specific taste. Once you’ve decided on a preferred layout, you should ask for photos of existing kitchens for design inspiration and move on to final concept images involving 3-D renders of the layout.

Prep Your Home

Planning a kitchen renovation can be a temporary inconvenience. No one wants to eat on a construction site (except maybe the crew that’s working on the job). Adequate preparation can help lessen that burden by making other areas of your house serve double duty in the meantime. It’s a good idea to:

  • Set up a temporary kitchen area stocked with portable appliances for cooking simple meals.
  • Include some disposable dishes and cutlery. Maybe even a mini-fridge.
  • Pack up loose items such as dishes, mugs, small appliances, decorations, etc.
  • Get rid of your old appliances immediately to make room (if new ones are part of the remodel).
  • Disconnect any major lines so that the work may begin safely. This includes water, gas, and electricity.

Make It Happen With Kasselwood Fabricators

Your next kitchen makeover can be a smooth and creative process if you follow the above guidelines when visualizing your floor plan, budgeting for the required materials, finalizing the design, and making the necessary preparations before the job begins. The most important step you can take is to work with a reputable kitchen renovation company to not only realize the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, but also save yourself time and money in the long run. 

You can view Kasselwood’s kitchen portfolio as references for the kitchen renovations in Montreal we’ve helped turn into reality! Get in touch with us to get your free estimate after we discuss the vision you have for your kitchen remodel.