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Designing custom spaces using wood as your material allows for commercial renovation contractors to make your commercial space design elegant, efficient, and useful. Kasselwood Fabricators specializes in architectural woodworking and commercial millwork. We will work with you to create the ideal storefront designs, store display shelves, and store fixtures.

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Our Architectural Millworking Process

Initial Visit

Your architectural millworking project begins with a site visit by Kasselwood Fabricators. We provide a unique needs analysis and a free cost estimate.

Establish Layout

We establish the layout, design elements, and materials that will be used within your budget for the job in question. You will receive a complete breakdown of the costs.

Job Begins

Our skilled contractors start working on your project and our project managers ensure the job is completed in the specified time frame.

Retail Woodwork

There are many aspects of retail woodwork to consider when designing a retail space and layout. Kasselwood Fabricators will work with you to develop store display ideas, and design visual merchandising display cases, custom high-end slat wall displays, and even storefront designs, including storefront window displays. Visitors and clients will immediately notice the elegant and well designed product display in a retail store based on the quality of the custom millwork.

store fixtures

Store Fixtures

In retail construction and commercial millwork, designing and manufacturing store fixtures is a great way to make sure that the retail space or display areas are organized for the specific products being sold.

Bespoke architectural millwork, specifically designing custom store fixtures, allows for products to be displayed that are specific sizes or heights, while keeping the space appealing. We keep up with current trends and safety procedures and only use the best materials available and quality finishes that are reliable and easy to sanitize to ensure a secure and safe environment for your staff and clients.

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If you have any questions or concerns related to architectural millwork in Montreal, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will be glad to answer all your inquiries.

Store Fronts

Storefront designs are one of the most important parts of a retail space. They offer potential and existing clients a glimpse of what to expect upon entering the store, but also provide retailers the opportunity to show off their design skills, products, and attract a target market’s attention.

Storefront windows are not only a space to dress mannequins or design display cases, but should be used as an opportunity to use custom millwork to elevate the store display ideas and elements. Custom focused lighting, mirrors, elevated pieces, and building a slatwall display to use the back-wall space can elevate a storefront window into a part of the shopping experience for clients.


Cash Counters

A retail or commercial space’s cash counters isn’t only for the end of a clients transaction, it should also be a promise to see each other again soon. The design that goes into such a space should ensure that it be very well organized for the specific needs of the company, the staff using it, and the clients on the other side.

Designing custom millwork in retail construction ensures that the cash area be ideal. Custom drawers for printers, under-counter shelving for screens and keyboards, organized storage spaces, and built-in display cases, while ensuring accessibility for all clients, are just the beginning of the options available to you.

Store Display and Merchandise Displays

Designing and building custom store displays and merchandise displays for a retail space is crucial, and it is important to work with an experienced team who understands retail marketing to work with you to build the perfect layout. Your products are the main focus of the design, and Kasselwood Fabricators is more than a millwork company building shelves to display items.

We focus on developing store display ideas that elevate the visual merchandising display of the products focusing client eyes on their beauty or functionality. Our expertise and experience provides us with the confidence and track record to understand your product and retail space needs, and to work with you as a team in the design process.

Custom retail displays are the starting point and must be done correctly, but we also understand that the details matter. Light placement, mirrors, store display shelves, elevations, and elegant display cases, are all very important when designing a store’s interior.


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