Kirkland, Quebec: A Northern Treasure

Kirkland is a small town located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. It’s about an hour outside Montreal, and it has so much to offer! The town itself boasts gorgeous architecture, natural beauty, and plenty of cute cafes. There are also great outdoor activities for people looking to get away from city life. Kirkland is home to many historic sites, including Fort Lennox National Historic Site, built around 1750 by French settlers to protect themselves against British invasion during the Seven Years War (1756-1763). Learn more here.

Today, Kirkland is a small community filled with welcoming people. Its proximity to Montreal makes it an ideal weekend getaway for residents looking for some fresh air. The town also hosts plenty of events year-round, including several summer festivals! It is a very quaint and charming area located on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. It has been deemed one of Quebec’s most beautiful villages. National Geographic named it “One of the World’s Prettiest Towns You’ve Never Heard Of.” The village itself dates back to 1819, when a land grant from King George III was given to James Cuthbert after he served bravely during the war between Great Britain and America. Many structures date back before 1900, including more than 150 historic homes dating back several decades! Learn more about Exploring the Beautiful Montreal West, Quebec.

Kirkland, Quebec, Canada is a hidden gem. It’s the perfect place to stop and stay when traveling from Ottawa to Montreal or vice versa. The drive alone will be worth your while as it takes about an hour from downtown Ottawa depending on traffic flow. Along the way, there are plenty of lookouts where you can get some incredible views of both Gatineau Park and La Peche River Valley, with scenic waterfalls in full view during springtime thawing conditions. Once arriving at Kirkland Village itself, one cannot help but notice how quaint this town is with its clean streets lined by trees that create a canopy over most walkways in the main village area, which is home to many restaurants, boutique stores, and even a hotel. Don’t forget about the train station! If you are lucky enough to be visiting Kirkland in June, then it is worth staying for “Fete Du St-Laurent.” Which is typically referred to as their version of Bastille Day with food stands lining Main Street and street performers, music all day long, and fireworks at night. The whole town comes alive during this weeklong celebration annually on the weekend following Canada’s holiday Victoria Day (typically sometime between May 20th & 24th).